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Trump’s Jerusalem Policy And Israeli-Palestinian Peace

With the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem looming large, speculation continues to mount regarding President Trump’s long-promised plan to achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace. Does it exist? Will it ever be released? Will Secretary of…

The Real Obstacle To Peace Between Washington And Pyongyang

If the summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un doesn’t happen, it’s easy to finger the culprit. National Security Advisor John Bolton, who started in his position after the U.S. president agreed to meet with the North Korean leader, has…

What Would Help the Peace Process in Korea?

It looks like peace is breaking out in Korea.  The Koreans themselves are moving fast to mend their nation.  When paradigm shifts happen they often happen quickly.  In just a little over a year the South Korean people demanded the ouster of…

Justice and peace go hand in hand

Tensions between peacemakers and champions of justice are inevitable in societies riven by conflict, but resolving these differences benefits all