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The Muslims can’t survive without unity!

What is the definition of survival? In my opinion, it is not just an ability to feed oneself or even enjoy life, but an ability to have a voice without which there is no respect and honor in the world.

From Sana’a to Beirut: One Foe, One Resistance

Yemen's Sam FM radio had held, last June, a 35-day fundraising campaign for Hezbollah, entitled "Haste towards the Goodness of Yemen," yielded more than 74 million Yemeni riyals, despite the dire economic situation, amid the ongoing Saudi…

The Deeper Meaning In A Lost War

It’s pretty clear. Saudi Arabia has lost, and, notes Bruce Riedel, “the Houthis and Iran are the strategic winners.” Saudi proxies in Aden – the seat of Riyadh’s Yemeni proto-“government” – have been turfed out by secular, former Marxist,…