Map: Recent Incidents of Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes

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In the wake of the Paris attacks, hate crimes against American Muslims continue to increase at a disturbing rate. The map below displays recent incidents of threats, violence, and acts of vandalism that have taken place around the country targeting both Muslims and those that appear to be Muslim.

Muslim Advocates continues to update the map as we monitor the occurrence of violence motivated by hatred and bigotry. In addition, we are working tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of the American Muslim community. We are in regular contact with the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division as well as law enforcement to discuss these incidents. Those who attack American Muslims are attacking the fundamental religious liberties that our country was built upon and they must be held accountable.

In addition to those displayed above, there is a whole host of other incidents taking place that are harmful to the community and are contributing to the current environment of hate, but they may not actually rise to the level of hate crimes under state or federal law.

Reporting Hate Crimes in Your State:
If you or someone you know has been harassed, assaulted or threatened with harm, it is crucial that you report such acts and threats of violence to law enforcement. If you have an incident to report, please contact our Program to Counter Anti-Muslim hate at 415-692-4932. Muslim Advocates has also compiled important resources to assist community members with reporting hate crimes. Please share these resources widely with your networks.

Mosque and Institutional Security:
It is also critical to take precautions to keep our community institutions safe and secure. Please take a look at our portal of online resources to keep your community safe.


Source: muslimadvocates

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