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In January, Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP called 200 people seeking safe haven in the UK a ‘crisis.’ We are without a doubt in crisis. However, the Home Secretary seems to have missed the point, while at the same time showing complete…

Government Itself Is Becoming the Enemy

We are the Little Folk—we! Too little to love or to hate. Leave us alone and you’ll see How we can drag down the State! A Pict Song, Rudyard Kipling

The Yellow Vest Movement: France’s Proletarian Revolution?

It’s probably the most important French social movement this century: the Gilets Jaunes or Yellow Vest protest movement. It began on 17 November, has spread throughout the country, and is due to continue this weekend. Altercations with…

How Do War Financing Strategies Lead to Inequality?

This report provides estimates for how the United States government has paid for its wars, from the War of 1812 through the current post-9/11 “Global War on Terror” (Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Operations), and addresses the relationship…